Understanding The Truth Behind Tower Fans

Understanding The Truth Behind Tower Fans

Keeping your home cool is never an easy task, and with the wide range of products that are currently available to cool your home it can seem like a challenge. The most common remedy is generally to have a central heating and air conditioning unit, but a lot of times older antique homes will not come with these modern units instead opting for window mounted units or a plain old fan. Fans have been around for centuries in one for or another, and while technology has advanced somewhat the basic design of the fan is still pretty much the same hence the internal motor.

Long gone are the days of the box fan that made huge amounts of noise and barely cooled the room, and the all metal fan that was noisy and dangerous for young children to be around. Instead the tower fan has become the cooling source of choice for today’s family on a budget, with many different models that are currently available the tower fan keeps your home cool with a more elegant and modern design. When it comes to using a tower fan there are hundreds of different designs, and unfortunately most fan makers don’t tell you the entire truth about what these fans come with. Sure they are much quieter, and much more energy efficient but there are also some drawbacks as well.

Tower fans cannot push out as much air as a traditional box fan, and I have come to notice that at times it can take more then one tower fan to actually get the job done. The tower can does have one distinct advantage over a box fan though, in that is can move back and fourth in a much larger clockwise motion. This allows more air to be moved through the house hold, as opposed to one powerful stream of steady air that an old fashioned box fan can get done.

Another distinct advantage that I have noticed is the fact that tower fans are almost silent, whereas if you are operating a box fan you can hear it from across the room and often times will have to adjust television volume to accommodate. This is definitely a benefit of that the tower fan can provide over a box fan, and it is a big factor if you need to use more then one fan to cool a room.

Tower fans are also more aesthetically pleasing then the average box fan. Just take a look at the selection of tower fans that are currently available, some of them are beautiful aren’t they? I have noticed that many new manufacturers have put a great deal of effort into their fan designs, and they can actually now add style and substance to a room design. Tower fans while they do have some drawbacks as opposed to box fans, they also have a lot of actual benefits such as the beautiful designs and the quietness of operation.

Remember that when buying a fan from a retailer that conducting a test of the unit is important. Obviously the fan will not operate exactly like it would in your room, but it can give you an idea of just how powerful the unit will be at providing the proper amount of cooling. If you are purchasing from an online retailer emailing them is ideal, or testing the unit at a brick and mortar store first.

The truth is that tower fans can be a great addition to your home, and they can add the proper amounts of cooling in a much quieter setting then a traditional box fan.

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