It’s Time to Give Yourself Some Well Deserved TLC

It’s Time to Give Yourself Some Well Deserved TLC

What you were told that there’s a way to reduce stress in your life and will help you to live a peaceful existence? That is exactly what self-care does for you. Maybe you’ve heard about this catchy term or tried it out for yourself. In order for self-care to work successfully in your daily life, you have to practice it on a regular basis. And since the year 2018 has arrived, why not start today?

You tend to put self-care on the side burner because of feeling neglectful of your loved one’s. This is according to Apryl Zarate Schlueter, author of Finding Success in Balance: My Journey to the Cheerful Mind. However, it’s essential to have in your daily life for keeping positive and upbeat. Here’s some self-care suggestions that are backed up by leading experts which you can utilize for the year 2018.

Take a Well Deserved Vacation

Instead of dreaming about taking that amazing vacation in some tropical location, it’s time to stand up and do something about it. Go ahead and pick up your phone to make those travel reservations, after all it’s 2018. Regardless if your place of employment gives you paid vacation or not, is irrelevant. Take that extended holiday weekend, using every day off that you possibly can. Restoring your zest for life, leaving you fresh and renewed.

Try a Workout Regimen Which Is Different from the Norm

It’s common knowledge about the numerous advantages associated with daily exercise. And you probably already have a routine in which you follow. However, try stepping out of the box for a change! Go ahead and broaden your horizons! Change things up a bit and explore uncharted worlds.

My own personal self-care, fitness routine which includes yoga. Helping to cleanse my mind, body and soul, getting me ready for the day ahead. It gets me out of the house and I can exercise with my friends in the process.

Increase Your Sexual Activity

If you are currently in a monogamous relationship, sex is also a form of self-care that helps your body as well. On that note, turn up the heat in your bedroom! Go ahead and put on your sexy negligee, lighting some candles for added ambiance.

However, for those who are not in a relationship at this time, there’s nothing wrong with masturbating. It’s also a healthy way of relieving tense and stress as well.

Learn to Tell Others No

One thing that is also very important to self-care, is having the strength to tell others no. you are only one person and should not have to take on the weight of the world. Go ahead and say no, then sit down with one of your favorite books.

Please don’t make the mistake that I did and cater to everyone’s needs! Not realizing it was stressing me out, today I’m suffering from bleeding ulcers in my stomach. Which causes me excruciating pain every day.

Go Ahead and Treat Yourself

Never forget that you are just as important and special as the next person. If there’s an outfit you’ve been eyeing in the store, go ahead an buy. After all, you only live once!

No matter whether it’s something big or small, do something that’s going to make you feel good inside. Even going to that little diner down the road is considered a step to self-care.

Wake Up Feeling Thankful

Having a positive mindset is a key role in effective self-care. Be grateful for all you have in life, including waking up to another beautiful day. It will set you up for having a wonderful day!

In Conclusion

By practicing good self-care habits on a daily basis, your life will improve tremendously. Begin each day with something in which you wouldn’t ordinarily do for yourself. This will be the first step to take towards improving your self-care habits. I wish you the best of luck now and in the future.

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