How a Mac Cleaning Software Can Help You

How a Mac Cleaning Software Can Help You

You may have heard about or have come across articles advocating the use of Mac cleaning apps. And the usual question that crops up is, what are the benefits of using a cleaning app and most of all, is it safe?

How using a cleaning app can help you

macOS is designed to do its bit for its users for the longest time possible. Because of this, special algorithms have been put in place so that it can perform self-maintenance and care. These algorithms are:

  • Maintenance scripts. These run, daily, weekly, or monthly to refresh system log files and get rid of some temporary files.
  • Repair Mac OS permissions.This is a feature in the Disk Utility that prevents possible issues caused by file permission conflicts.
  • Automatic defragmentation of files. This is a built-in feature of HFS Plus (HFS+) file systems present in Mac OS 8.1 to macOS 10.12 (Sierra). It’s still used on macOS High Sierra on all mechanical and hybrid drives.

But despite your Mac’s innate ability to run these on its own, there are still many useless or outdated files in the system and third-party apps not managed by your Mac that it cannot get to without intervention. And a lot of these can be deleted with no harmful consequences. These data are the cache files, language files, logs, broken preference files, corrupt startup items, system junk, and trash.

Cleaning apps extend quick and easy ways for you to carry out a number of maintenance tasks. They allow you to free up disk space, clear cache, logs, and other files that don’t prove to be useful anymore and they can check and fix startup or disk problems, among a whole lot of other things.

If you want to save yourself from laborious maintenance work or if you need to up your confidence that thorough maintenance is performed on your Mac, a cleaning app like CleanMyMac X would be the way to go.

Is CleanMyMac X Safe?

CleanMyMac X is made by MacPaw, the same software company that created the award-winning duplicate finder app, Gemini 2, and the award-winning subscription service for apps, Setapp. Aside from its developer’s reputation, CleanMyMac X is safe because it:

Is notarized by Apple

You can be sure that is free of malicious content. Your Mac includes a technology named Gatekeeper that ascertains that you only run trusted software on your Mac. When you run a software for the very first time, Gatekeeper checks for a ticket on that software indicating that it is an Apple-notarized software. If it finds one, it’ll launch a dialog box to help you make an informed decision whether to open the app or not.

Comes with a Safety Database

This database includes an extensive list of exceptions and operational rules. CleanMyMac X consults this database before moving on to each step to prevent unwarranted accidents when cleaning your Mac.

This is especially important because not all files can be indiscriminately deleted. Some files like system and app cache files, universal binaries, and many other files can cause your macOS to deviate from its normal operation if they are deleted.

According mac cleaner software review, CleanMyMac X allows you to review the list of items that can be removed so that you pick the ones that need to go and keep the ones that you still need. It will never delete files without prompting and gaining your explicit permission. Apart from this, it also sets up protection against deletion on vital parts of your macOS so your Mac is never put at risk. It accomplishes this by:

  • Blacklisting system and application files. The blacklist contains a list of system and application files that should not be deleted no matter what. They are needed by the underlying processes running on your Mac so it is best that they stay where they are. Some applications check themselves for integrity when you launch them. If one or more of its files is missing, the application would refuse to work as designed.

The blacklist is updated regularly. It would be great, therefore, to enable the option “Automatically keep CleanMyMac up to date” in the CleanMyMac Preferences.

  • Graylisting questionable files. Whenyou scan your Mac with CleanMyMac, it examines your Mac for questionable files. It will not mark them for deletion but you can go check and delete them if you deem that it will help you solve certain issues. This should be done with caution though as this procedure requires advanced knowledge. When in doubt, it is best to err in the side of caution and leave those files be.
  • Adding recommended applications to the Ignore List. If you want an application to be excluded from CleanMyMac’s scan because it may misbehave if the files associated with it are cleaned, you may add it in the Ignore List.

CleanMyMac X offers the option for you to share your Ignore List with them (which you can enable in the CleanMyMac Preferences) so that they can manually test the apps you’ve included in the Ignore List and have them added if necessary to their global built-in Ignore List.

Has an ever-expanding antivirus database

CleanMyMac X is constantly working on expanding and improving its antivirus database to proactively fend off threats like data mining apps and keyloggers.

Is thoroughly tested before release

With the help of hundreds of beta-testers, the list of operational rules and exceptions are maintained and kept up-to-date all the time. Before any release, CleanMyMac X is tested on different configurations starting from the Power Mac G5 all the way through to the latest generation Mac Pro. Their highly professional QA ensures stable and safe releases for new versions.

Final Words

CleanMyMac X has Apple’s nod that it does not have any kind of malicious and mean bone in it. It has been designed to make maintaining and cleaning your Mac safe and foolproof. With special guards in place that allow you to protect and keep sensitive files, you can never go wrong with it. Its anti-malware feature is also something to look out for.

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