Everything You Need to Know about Post Baby Waist Training

Everything You Need to Know about Post Baby Waist Training

Along with the joy of a new baby, many new mommies have gained a few unwanted pounds. The new trend for mothers wanting to shed the baby weight has led many women to an old fashion idea, that of the 16th-century corset. Corsets were worn around the waist by women to slim down the waist and shape the body to the desirable hourglass figure of the time.

The corsets from the Victorian era were tight and binding and constructed to help train the waist to a smaller size by tight lacing. The modern corset is constructed to look visually appealing as lingerie but is not meant to train the waist to a smaller size.

The modern-day equivalents to the Victorian corsets are known as waist trimmer, body shapers, and belly wraps. These products are meant to train the waist to a smaller size by slowly tightening the item over time, but does it really work?

Waist Training 101

The act of waist training implies that a person will wrap a belly band or waist trainer and slowly tighten it each day to squeeze the belly and get it to look smaller until you achieve the desired size waist.

Some women believe that wearing a belly band helps to actually make the waist smaller and also helps the area heat up and sweat during exercise causing fat burning. It’s not just the average everyday mama that is using waist training.

Celebrity moms like Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, and Brooke Burke-Charvet used waist training to get their post-baby bodies in shape. Not only do these celebrities promote waist training some of them are not selling their own brands of waist trainers.

Is Waist Training for Weight Loss Worth It?

It is important to note that Victorian-era women started waist training at an extremely young age before their skeletal system was fully formed. They lived in their corsets and rarely took them off.

This allowed the waist training to reshape the skeleton in such a way that the waist became smaller and remained that way. Modern day women who try out waist training have a fully formed skeleton. Using a waist trainer only compresses areas that have excess fat.

Is the Wait Training Method For You?

According to ob-gyn Sherry Ross it takes up to two to four weeks for new moms to lose water weight from fluid retention and for the uterus to shrink down to a normal size. After these four weeks, the belly will shrink even if you don’t use a waist trainer.

Using a waist trainer won’t speed this up but it may hurt you by displacing your organs. Dr. Ross states that it is not scientifically proven that waist trainers or corsets help women lose weight.

Should You Waist Train?

If you are five pounds overweight or have a small pooch then using a corset to look slimmer for a short period while you go out is acceptable but if you have a large amount of weight that you want to lose then wearing a corset or waist trainer may be very uncomfortable to wear long term. Especially, if you are trying to tighten the waist trainer too quickly.

Wearing a waist trainer may be advantageous if you don’t tighten the corset very much but instead use it to make you aware of when you eat and use to help you not overeat.

Just the Facts of Waist Training

A waist trainer isn’t going to help you magically lose weight. It’s uncomfortable to wear a waist trainer for extended periods at a time. It is up to the mom who wants to lose weight to decide if using a waist trainer or belly wrap is beneficial in helping to achieve her goals. It’s much more feasible to lose the baby weight with a nutritious diet and exercise. Or in combination with a waist trainer.

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