4 Things You must Know When Using A Blow Dryer On Your Hair

4 Things You must Know When Using A Blow Dryer On Your Hair

Let me start by stressing the fact that there is nothing wrong with using a blow dryer to dry your hair, even on a regular basis, as long as you know how to use it the correct way.

Every girl uses a blow dryer every now and then, some use one regularly, mostly to get their hair dried quickly, or some may use it to style their hair, straighten it, curl it, get the frizz out, and more. These are all the things that the hair dryer was intended for.

“I use my hair dryer to burn, dry out, and damage my hair,” said no girl ever, yet these things can, and have happened many times due to the lack of knowing how to properly use a hairdryer.

What many people don’t take into consideration is that applying heat to your hair can cause excessive damage that could take months to repair and the finer your hair is, the more harm heat can do where thicker and more full hair can handle more heat without any problems.

To help you out, I have put together the following list of, “4 things that you must know when using a blow dryer on your hair”. So, let’s jump right into it.

Number 4 – When drying your hair never keep the heat too close to your hair or in one area or spot too long. Instead, wave the dryer around your head in a circular motion, while using your other hand to expose the hair that is hidden, making sure the heat is applied to your whole head, at a few seconds per spot at a time keeping the dryer 4 or 5 inches away to prevent burning your scalp or hair which can cause severe damage. Keep in mind that the thinner or finer your hair is, the less heat should be applied.

Number 3 – Everybody has different types of hair; some may have fine hair, coarse hair, thick hair, thin hair or other. How much heat your hair could withstand, without being damaged, mainly depends on your hair type? As mentioned earlier the thicker your hair is the more heat that can be applied to it, opposed to thinner or fine hair which only light heat should be applied to. If your hair is extremely fine, then you may want to use a cool setting (which most hair dryers today are equipped with).

Number 2 – Watt’s matter. Did you know that hair dryers have different wattages that determine the amount of heat the dryer puts out as well as speed? The higher the wattage of your dryer is, the hotter and faster it blows. Therefore, those with fine hair should only use hair dryers with lower wattages where thicker hair can withstand more.

Number 1 – Protecting your hair from excessive heat damage, with oils, gels and other products that may include silicon. If you use other tools that contain heating elements on your hair such as:

• Hot curling irons
• Hot curlers
• A concentrator
• Straighteners
• Diffusers
• Or others

Then you really should consider applying products to your hair that will prevent damage caused by all the extreme heat administered to it, even if your hair is thick since too much heat can be problematic for any kind of hair.

One thing to always keep in mind is that what you do now will affect you more in the future and the more you age the harder it is to maintain a full head of healthy hair, but it is possible to do just gets a little tougher with time.

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