The Effects of Rat Poison on Dogs & Cats

The Effects of Rat Poison on Dogs & Cats

Why Poison is Created

The last thing that people want is their home to be littered with pests. This is why poison has been considered by many people. If a swarm of ants go to your house with intention of hurting your well-being than you do what’s necessary. The same rules can apply with rat poison.

Rats are pests because they quite often eat the food that lands on the ground. That will lead to them pooping a lot and they will do it wherever they want to. They damage you home by creating holes which will lower the value of you home. They will also repopulate and create more babies.

If you’re a parent with children, they must be a handful by themselves. You don’t need any more responsibilities on your hand. But this is a situation that can get much worse. these pests can often affect your health.

If you bed isn’t elevated, a rat can easily reach up to you and bite you. That may make you sick and you can’t return to work. These are animals that don’t wash themselves or use any kind of hygiene. That’s why their so dangerous for you to deal with.

Why the Poison Can Hurt Dogs

A dog can eat almost anything. Whether is be something salty, sweet or spicy, there is very little that they won’t eat. That’s why it’s dangerous to have rat poison mouse killer in an open space. It will be hard to tell them what is good and bad to eat.

For some, it may even be tasty for them to eat. They can’t communicate the same way a human can and won’t understand each other. If it tastes good to them it will positively reinforce that feeling. They will constantly eat more and more without thinking that it can damage them.

Why the Poison Can Hurt Cats

Cats are a specimen that are generally less energetic and exciting. However, they too like attractive food. If it tastes good for them, they will continue to eat the poison. The worst case scenario is when it can get worse and they refuse to eat anything besides the poison.

Generally, cats have been the animals to hunt down rats and mice. They enjoy eating them and hunting them down. Their sharp teeth and spiky claws make great hunting tools instead of poison. It is their natural instinct to want to hunting down rats.

Failures of the Rat Poison

The rats may consider to skip the poison entirely. This might be due to that fact that there are crumbs that they can eat off the ground. As small as those crumbs may be to you, they can do a lot for that rat.

There is also the fact that some of them may not want to come out. Some of them may be breeding or helping with giving birth. In that case what you need to do is take them out as soon as possible. If you don’t they are just going to make more.

The Alternatives

You should really consider getting an exterminator if you think this can be a be a big problem. Exterminators have a lot of experience when it comes to this kind of work. They aren’t going to damage your house which is what most people are afraid of.

You can also use traps to set the mice up. One popular one is the mouse trap. Even if they realize that what they into is a trap, it will be too late. Either their tail or their body will be stuck and there’s nothing they can do about it.

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