Meego repository

Description of home:arfoll repository
This is my repository containing various packages notably XBMC for meego. There is a version for Meego current as well. I'll asume if you want to use it you know what you are doing and so I will not provide further instructions but have a look on the OBS and change the strings accordingly in the instructions below if that's what you want to do.

The repository is split in two. Utils and XBMC. I build the utils and everything in xbmc-testing for armv7hl as well.

The openbox package will by default try to autostart XBMC if present. Note that my XBMC package does not hide the meego taskbar in the Netbook UX. This is not a bug, this is just not something I'm interested in fixing. However here is the source for a GTK wrapper application that may help do what you want. (I haven't tried it)

Replace meego_1.1_core with your meego version (1.2 is MeeGo_Trunk_standard).

How to install the repository(-ies)

sudo zypper ar arfoll-xbmc
sudo zypper ar arfoll-utils

How to be silly and use the xbmc-testing repo
I really don't recommend this, unless I tell you to do it, or if you know what you are doing. I allready don't say the repo above will always work but this one... It's another world!

sudo zypper ar arfoll-xbmc-testing

WeTab Users
If you're on a WeTab, then the normal 1.0 repo is what you want.

Packages included are:

  • XBMC 10.0 (dharma)
  • mercurial
  • openbox
  • wmctrl
  • htop
  • rtmpdump
  • chrontel
  • xmoto
  • yaffs2utils
  • xcompmgr/xcompmgr-dana - I recommend the -dana version it has more and nicer options such as fade on desktop change etc...