MeeGo TV 1.2.2

MeeGo TV 1.2.2 was released and after a few kinks were ironed out, it is now available to play with! It is based on PR27 and is the first MeeGo TV release that people can actually get a hold of and rebuild themselves! It's actually fairly easy, I'll go over the broad howto here and suggest where you can go to get more help.


Changelog for Cocom MeeGo 1.2.2 image:
- Support for Cocom Churchill & Thatcher NEC remote control out of the box with meego-tv-ir
- Tri tuner support on Thatcher/Cameron (CE42xx/CE53xx)
- 'dodgy' codecs from gst-plugins-{bad,ugly} for AC3 and DTS
- gst-timeshifting plugin

Where can I get an image?
On the Cocom shop go to the 'support' area, there is a prebuilt image created using fakeOBS/obslight. I will explain how to recreate this image.

Making an Image
Tools required:
- Vmware/Virtualbox or something similar (I used Vmware workstation) on a X86 PC with SSSE3. You'll want something more powerful than an atom box ;-)
- OBS light server VM (from here)
- OBS light client VM (from here)
- fakeobs OSS tarball (from - link here)
- fakeobs Restricted tarball (must be aquired from Cocom support site or your Intel support rep - if you have access to a PR release you should be able to get this)
- Kickstart file for a MeeGo TV image. I recommend you start with this.

Importing the fakeobs tarballs into your OBS VM
Start the OBS server VM, check DNS is working, it's simpler if you can just keep it named obslightserver (The password is 'opensuse'). Login as root and go to https://obslightserver, check everything is working + happy. You may need to restart apache2 and/or mysql. Also create yourself an account with the 'Register' link. Either download the fakeobs tarballs using wget or copy them across/use nfs. Your restricted tarball name/exact content may differ depending on where you got it!

obslight-fakeobs import MeeGoTV_1.2.2_oss-1.2.2.tar.gz
obslight-fakeobs import Cocom_pr27_restricted-1.2.2.tar.gz

You'll need to fix up a .oscrc configuration like so and drop it in ~

aliases = local
user = myusername
pass = mypasswd

Once all that is done, make sure you can see all the packages using the following:

osc -A local ls fakeobs:MeeGoTV:1.2.2:oss
osc -A local ls fakeobs:Cocom_pr27_restricted

You should see all the packages imported on fakebs via a link on the OBS running on the VM.

Using MIC to create the image
Start the OBSlight client VM, it has a gui but it's alot easier to explain the CLI here. There's plenty of doc here. Login as tux (password opensuse again).

sudo mic cr loop meego_1.2.2_madeo.ks --arch=i686

Then in mic-output/ you will find your image. I recommend you format your drive like this:

/dev/sdx1 - 100MB - ext2 (use mkfs.ext2 -I 128 to make sure redboot can boot using it)
/dev/sdx2 - 2GB+ - ext3

Then to write the image do something like this:

sudo mkdir /mnt/image /mnt/slash /mnt/boot
sudo mount -o loop meego_1.2.2_madeo.img /mnt/image
sudo mount /dev/sdx2 /mnt/slash
sudo mount /dev/sdx1 /mnt/boot
sudo cp -a /mnt/image/* /mnt/slash
sudo cp -a /mnt/image/boot/* /mnt/boot/

then copy accross /boot/* to /dev/sdx1 and /* using cp -a to /dev/sdx2.

If you're feeling clever make a /dev/sdx3 partition to put media on so you don't have to keep copying files across!

Booting it up
You'll need to configure redboot on your CE board to make it work. Check the exact details of the configuration with your platform vendor. My ks creates a symlink from the kernel to vmlinuz so you can just use the following as line 1 of your config.

load -v -r -m disk -b 0x200000 hda1:vmlinuz

Line 2 will differ depending on your platform, but on a Thatcher 277 (Groveland CE4200 with 2GB ram) I use:

exec -b 0x200000 -l 0x400000 -c "console=ttyS0,115200 root=/dev/sda2 rw memmap=exactmap memmap=128K@128K memmap=615M@1M vmalloc=586M"

Going Further
Hopefully you have an image booting and everything works as expected. If not ask on the meego-tv mailing list.


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  1. MeeGo TV v1.2.2 on Cocom Intel CE Hardware Says:

    [...] rest of the information including creating the image,tarballs,MIC and bootup instructions on the Madeo [...]

  2. Dominig Says:


    Nice, I worked out of the box. I created my image with the Mic tool integrated in the OBS Light Client (GUI).

    The xbmc version packaged in the MeeGoTV:1.2.2:oss Fake OBS archive from 18/Jul/2012 declares three out of date plugins. I guess that you have a fix for that.


  3. Jim s Says:

    I am having trouble after I import the images to the fakeobs repo (at least that appears to be what I'm doing from here).

    I do the import on the obslightserver and I see the fakeobs from the obs client, but no contents. If I do a fakeobs ls on the obslightserver, I see the two projects. If I do almost anything on the obs client vm I see no contents. All I see from obslightserver are the meego 1.2 remote projects.

    Anyone have any suggestions to what I need to do to get to the projects visible on the client side

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