AmpServer -> Rs232Server

I finally have an LG panel with an RS232 connection! So obviously I had to automate it - at least a little. I decided that I wouldn't start from scratch but modify my ampserver application to control the TV too (using two different dbus objects with different interfaces on the same bus). For the the time being, I've restructured ampserver to enable me to add the behaviour in a clean fashion, so all ampserver functionality works just as well as before. I've implemented it as a service (azurserver) in my new application - rs232server. The lgtvservice will follow sometime in the new year.

If people find other gadgets or other brands of gadgets it should be easier to add them using this new 'service' system. I havent quite worked out how services will be enabled/disabled but I guess it will have to be in a configuration file with the corresponding tty for each device.

I've edited the original post in so that the instructions to get your amplifier working with xbmc still function with the new git links etc...

The new dbus server and cli clients are here:
The slightly modified (and renamed) xbmc service addon:

Off to ebay to find myself some cheap USB->serial adapters!

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2 Responses to “AmpServer -> Rs232Server”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Just curious, did you ever implement lgtvservice?

  2. Brendan Says:

    A little, problem is my TV seems to ignore all commands over rs232. Should be fairly easy to finish off and add the commands you want in there though.

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