XBMC on ARM Hard Floating point (tegra2 – trimslice)

I think this is a first, XBMC on ARM hardfp :-) As you can see in the video the UI is pretty smooth. We have sound working over stereo jack, we are using the DVI out, so no HDMI sound yet. CPU usage is actually fairly good. The builds are here.

Thanks to vgrade who worked hard to get a meego image running so well on trimslice. And thanks to irads from Compulab who kindly sent me a trimslice! And no thanks to UPS/Malta who charged me 13 euros in tax.

More updates will come on the MeeGo TV for Trimslice wiki page here and on the trimslice forums.

- Video playback is broken, looks like ffmpeg build is borked
- pulseaudio is broken (on all SMP arm?) only reason i can even start this is if I zypper rm pulseaudio

Update: we have HDMI out and HDMI sound!

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